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Metal Slug 6 Game Free Download Full Version For Pc



metal slug 6 game free download full version for pc Metal Slug 6 PC Game 2020 Metal Slug 6 is an action and shooting game where you play as a sniper. in the Allied Forces that are trying to stop the Battle of London. This game is developed by SNK Playmore who are also responsible for the Metal Slug and the Fatal Fury series. This is also an installment in the Metal Slug series, Metal Slug 6 is a big budget game that is worth its salt. There are 6 different maps that you can play through. Metal Slug 6 is a game that is very similar to the Metal Slug 5. The overall gameplay is the same but with a few different characters that you will be using and weapons and stuff. Like Metal Slug 5, you have to shoot and battle your way through the enemy. Metal Slug 6 has better graphics than the Metal Slug 5 and the game feels more smooth to play. When you start the game you will be given your name and character and you will be given 5 minutes to choose which character you want to play. Metal Slug 6 is a very enjoyable game with lots of different characters. The game is all about you using your weapons to fight in a battle of who can kill the most people. This game is great for fans of the Metal Slug and Metal Slug 2 series. The gameplay is very simple but the graphics are pretty cool. You are able to customize your soldier's appearance and equipment. Your character can wear different weapons and armor. The weapons in this game can be upgraded by finding new parts. You can play solo or you can play with a friend online. Metal Slug 6 is a great game for any FPS lover out there. This game is very much like a game similar to Doom and Quake. The game controls are easy to understand and it has easy to use HUD. The game begins in the future where we see an impressive looking alien city. A huge battle is going on in this city between the Allied Forces and the Alien army. As the game begins you must assist the Allied forces in the attack on the city. The Allies are basically trying to defeat the Alien army so they can live in peace. You will be given your missions and you will be able to control your character. The game controls are quite easy to use. Your aim will need to be straight, but you can aim down your sights and you can zoom in and out by clicking on the touch screen of your controller. You have your rifle, sniper rifle, and machine gun with you, as well as


Metal Slug 6 Game Free Download Full Version For Pc

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